Weighing electronics and software

Industrial and commercial weighing electronics and software

MASISTE provides all its customers with intuitive industrial and commercial weighing
electronics and software, with the best measurement signal filters. All Masiste industrial and commercial weighing electronics and software allows the interconnection between different scales and balances.

Weight indicators and repeaters

Weight indicators and repeaters

The weight indicators have protection from IP54 to IP68 and up to 100.00 non-approved divisions. The weight indicators allow the connection of 2 independent platforms and up to 12 load cells. With LED or LCD displays and ABS or stainless steel housing, they measure weight in kg or lb. Masiste’s weight repeaters use manual and other labellers to facilitate weight reading over long distances.

Truck Weigh Indicators

Truck Weigh Indicators

Masiste truck scale indicators feature an alphanumeric indicator with single or multi-range graphic display, keyboard and/or remote configuration and adjustment via communications port and extensive connectivity possibilities (two RS-232 ports, one RS-485 port and one additional free port). With universal power supply and linearity correction system, it has a 32-bit microprocessor, with Flash memory that allows software update through serial port for loading new applications and selectable applications (truck-weighing, industrial and dosing).

dosing equipment

Dosing equipment

The Masiste dosing equipment consists of a weight indicator in a DIN box, dimensions 96 x 96 x 130 mm and IP54 front panel protection degree. The dosing equipment allows filling control, integration and ETC Bulk-Weighing. It consists of panel-mounted multi-language and multiprogram software (single-product dosing of loading/unloading and multi-product, maximum 99 formulas), with backlit LCD graphic display, 60×32 mm, 128×64 pixels, RS232 and RS485 ports (Modbus RTU/ASCII Laumas protocol), 3 logic inputs, 5 relay logic outputs and possibility of storing data on USB key and 16-bit analogue output: 0/4-20 mA; 0-5/10 V; ±5/10 V.

Tailor-made software

Tailor-made software

Masiste develops production management software (management of masters, products, packaging, weighing control, product identification, packaging identification, weight, date and time capture, label printing by weighing, label design, customisation of the label design to be used and export to Excel), production control software, which allows the tracking of production, detection of contingencies, efficiency, costs and materials involved in production and warehouse management software for the location of products in a warehouse, analysis of material flows within the warehouse and methods for product movement, traceability of stored products and order preparation.

sum boxes

Sum boxes

Sum boxes are analogue junction boxes that allow multiple load cells to be connected to electronic weighing systems, minimising errors due to eccentric loading with just a screwdriver. Heavy-duty, they feature rotary switches for easy user interface, stainless steel enclosure, IP65 or IP69K protection and easy connection to screw terminals. The summing boxes allow up to 4 or 8 load cells to be connected to the weighing indicator and a version with gas dischargers for lightning protection. Masiste offers the summing boxes in ATEX zone 0-1-2 (gas) and 20-21-22 (dust) versions.

Weight transmitters

Weight transmitters

The weight transmitters feature 16-bit analogue output, RS485 port, 2 logic inputs, 3 relay logic outputs and 24 bit (16000000 points) 4.8 kHz A/D converter (with Community Model registration certificate). With four keys for calibration and TEST keys for direct access to diagnostic functions. Masiste weight transmitters allow the advantages and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even with the use of analogue load cells.

signal converters

Signal converters

The weight converters feature LED display, compact design with vertical development and four calibration buttons. In addition, the Masiste weight converters allow 16-bit analogue output: 0/4-20 mA; 0-5/10 V; ±5/10 V, RS485 port (Modbus RTU/ASCII Laumas protocol) and 2 logic inputs plus 3 relay logic outputs. With them, the Masiste customer will be able to convert between different weight measurements in an easy and intuitive way.

wifi/radio equipment

Wifi / Radio equipment

At Masiste we have wifi/radio equipment that act as weight transmitters in IP65 protection boxes (IP67 version on request). With four keys for calibration and wifi module for wireless connection via integrated web server (for remote management via web to PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) or via Modbus RTU / ASCII Laumas protocol. Masiste wifi-radio units have 2 digital inputs and 4 digital relay outputs, a load cell input and external/internal rechargeable battery.



Masiste weighing printers are direct thermal printers (ticket) and matrix printers, as well as thermal transfer printers. Consult with Masiste’s professionals which is the ideal option for your business or company to obtain the best results with Masiste’s weighing printers.