Tailor-made manual and automatic labelling solutions

Tailor-made manual and automatic labelling solutions

Masiste offers customised manual and automatic labelling solutions: labellers with double applicators, labellers with a single trolley for easy integration into production lines, nonstandard trolley equipment for specific high weights… all combined with combined labelling systems (side labelling with top labelling for example), equipment with extra long weighing and labelling trolleys and labelling of V-shaped round products, a whole world of customised manual and automatic labelling solutions.

Double labelling without weighing

The automatic labelling machines without weighing model with double applicator are designed for printing two labels with only one labelling machine, this is done almost simultaneously, one after the other. They can label the different fields created in each article such as: name, name 2, expiry date, fixed amount, fixed weight, barcodes EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, CODE 128, ITF- 14, GS1 Datamatrix and GS1 Databar (up to 4 codes per label). It has a printer that can be direct thermal or with thermal transfer and a width of 3″ or 4″ according to the customer’s specifications.

Non-standard tape

The automatic labelling machines can be ordered with roller trolleys for the transport of very heavy products or with a very specific weight concentration, the rollers are made of stainless steel. Any type of labelling can be installed, top, bottom, side, etc…

Special combination

The combination of automatic labelling equipment is a way to solve many projects in which multiple labelling is required on the product, you can combine equipment such as top labelling and side labelling, this equipment allows us with a single weighing and reducing space we can put both labels on the product without having to put two teams.

Labelled with tilting head

The special automatic labelling equipment can be made with a tilting upper labelling unit for a better application of the label on the product. This automatic weighing and labelling equipment allows the head to be rotated at 45º in different positions for a better adaptation to the product.

Special dimensions

Automatic labelling equipment with extra long weighing and labelling trolleys can be integrated into certain production lines when the products to be weighed and labelled have
large dimensions.

Labelling of round products

Automatic weighing and labelling machines with special V-shaped trolleys are designed for weighing and labelling round products or products that can roll on a weighing belt. Special Vshaped trolleys with variable angle are available. This equipment is designed for products up to Ø 250 mm and up to 6 kg in weight. The labellers are available with 1 top labeller, direct thermal printing, 3″ or 4″ head and pneumatic piston applicator. 6.5.