Solids dosage

Solids dosage

The increase in the cost of powdered raw materials and their processing has led to efforts to find solutions to powder contamination and precision in dosing by weight or continuous dosing, as an essential element to guarantee the traceability and quality of the products manufactured.

Microdosers for solids

Microdosers for solids

MBF micro batchers for continuous volumetric dosing of powders or grains consist of a steel reinforced techno-polymer body (optionally in stainless steel), a horizontal homogenising rotor, a dosing tool coaxial to the bottom of the homogeniser, a discharge tube enclosing the dosing tool, and two motors, one for the homogenising tool and the other for the dosing tool. On request, MBF microdosers are provided in FDA approved food grade version.

Function: MBF microdosers for continuous dosing of powders and grains are particularly suitable for slightly slippery materials that tend to condense under pressure as well as for adhesive materials. Fed by a bag opening distributor, a bag block discharger, or a different feeding device, the tool allows the flow of the material while reducing the possibility of bridging. The particle size of the product is of major importance when choosing the type of conductor helix. For example, fine and heavy materials call for conical helixes with reduced pitches, while granular, lighter materials call for standard pitch cylindrical helixes. Materials with low flowability, cohesion problems and a tendency to bridging are fed homogeneously from the homogenising tool with a geometry adapted to the material to the dosing screw at the bottom. Depending on the user’s requirements, MBF microdosers can be supplied with alternating dosing and homogenising tools and a range of accessories. MBF microdosers are successfully used in various industries such as food, construction, plastics, chemicals,
packaging and environmental technology.

Technical characteristics and advantages

  • Homogenising and dosing tool with independent motorisations. 3 sizes available with productions from 3 dm3/h to 4.000 dm3/h.
  • Internal geometry designed in such a way as to guarantee the flow of particularly difficult materials. The reduction of the space between the spiral and the tube guarantees a high dosing precision.
  • Independent motors make it possible to choose different power and speed of the homogenising shaft and the dosing shaft.
  • Wide range of dosing tools in SINT® techno-polymer or steel, interchangeable between them.
  • Body in SINT® polymeric material and perfectly interchangeable stainless steel or completely stainless steel supports.
  • Flexibility in the choice of the microdoser to adapt it to the type of material to be processed. Wide range of interchangeable components.
  • Ease and speed of maintenance between components. High level of material homogeneity.
  • Quick and easy cleaning due to the non-stick polymer body surface and quick access.

Options & Accessories

  • Units in FDA approved SINT® polymer for food applications or in stainless steel.
  • Feed hopper in order to increase storage capacity (available with fluidisation system on request).
  • Square feed hopper for bags.
  • Round feed hopper for bags with separate vertical mixer for materials that tend to compact under pressure.
  • SINT® polymer feed tube as standard or for food application.
  • Feed screw made entirely of stainless steel for food applications combined with ATEX certification.
solid dosifiers

Solid dosing scales

For the dosing of solids by weight with high precision, we have scales built with a painted steel structure or with an all stainless steel option. It consists of a closed outer frame which houses a precision pan balance supported by two extensiometric load cells, with unloading by tumbling, to eliminate the presence of dust and isolate the scale itself from the outside, thus guaranteeing its accuracy. The upper part has different inlets for placing the augers, microdosers, butterfly valves, vibrating feeders, which provide the material to be dosed, etc.

The unloading is carried out by a pneumatically operated weighing plate turning system, with an electronic signal indicating the position of the weighing plate. It has a vibration system to aid the loading or unloading of the components.

The scale can be manufactured in different capacities, 10 lts, 50 lts, 100 lts. Easy disassembly of the external doors to facilitate maintenance and cleaning. It can be supplied with electronic control equipment for automatic dosing control, guaranteeing high dosing accuracy and easy
integration into production lines.