Product labelling

Masiste develops and distributes product labelling systems for all the most demanding industrial sectors: manual labelling systems or intelligent automatic weighing and labelling systems, intuitive and easy to connect with your industrial systems. In addition, we have product labelling systems for all types of shops and industries and we manufacture customised solutions for all our customers. Masiste has a wide range of solutions and products that allow manufacturers in the different sectors in which we operate to comply with current legislation and the requirements of their customers.

product labelling

We are backed by the trust placed in us by important companies in these sectors in which we have extensive experience.

We have at our disposal:

  • High speed manual and automatic labellers for all types of containers, boxes, trays, packs and pallets.
  • Compact, heavy-duty manual labellers, easy to move and clean, intuitive operation and simple maintenance. Recommended for connection to weighing platforms or weight indicators. Ideal for logistics warehouses and end of line.
  • Automatic labellers with or without weight, standard or customised. Specifically developed for industrial environments. Versatility and easy integration in our customers' production lines, mainly in packaging lines. Possibility of integration with the customer's IT systems.
  • Software for labelling and marking that allows the information to be sent to the labelling quipment.

Masiste labelling software functions:

  • The software allows the connection with the equipment and the change of configuration of the parameters of this equipment.
  • Programming of management data: PLU, families, subfamilies, orders, customers, barcodes, ingredients, traceability, quartering...
  • Ticket or label design.
  • Online labelling management from the PC.
  • Generation of statistical reports.
  • Management of online sending and receiving of data between equipment and PC.