Product inspection accesories

Product inspection accessories

Masiste offers its customers accessories for product inspection equipment, these accessories are manufactured in high quality materials for the integration of the equipment with the production lines.
Ejection systems

Ejection systems

Product ejection systems can be varied depending on the product to be ejected from the production line and its speed. We can find expulsion systems by pallets, air expulsion, by trolley together with different housings for these products discarded from the line. We manufacture and distribute various ejectors to provide a customised solution for your line.

calibration standars

Calibration standards

Standards or cores allow us to calibrate the correct functioning and adjustment of the metal or X-ray detector. These standards are approved for compliance with quality standards and audits. They are suitable for any type of industrial and food contact. The shapes and sizes of the cores can be varied, flexible or rigid rod, disc type, cube, T-type pattern, ball, card, we also have customised patterns available.

artificial vision

Artificial vision

Masiste has systems for the artificial vision of the products that pass through the line, these systems visualise the products and verify that they are suitable according to the parameters introduced into the system, they can detect various defects on the products, stains, deficient or missing labelling, breakage, unsuitable colour, etc.

These systems prevent the distribution of products in poor condition or outside the established quality standards.  Expulsion systems can be implemented for the rejection of products. 

barcode scanner

Barcode scanner

Equipment with barcode scanners can be installed to verify that the product passing through the line is the right one and/or to verify that the printing of the barcode is correct in order to check for misreading or the impossibility for the end customer to read the barcode. Ejection systems can be implemented for the rejection of products that do not meet the quality standard.