Microwave moisture measurement

Microwave moisture measurement: the most effective technique

Microwave moisture measurement is the most effective technique for online moisture measurement of any type of bulk material. Correct moisture measurement by determining the number of water molecules present in the material. The material passes through the moisture sensor head which emits an extremely low electromagnetic field. Due to the dipolar effect of a water molecule, the resonance frequency of the resonator changes with variations in moisture content.


The sensor electronics detects these variations and processes and filters them into unscaled
units, which are then scaled by a calibration process to give an accurate humidity reading. The resulting signal can then be connected to automation and/or visualisation systems, for which the probes have analogue outputs (0-20 mA, [0-10 V.] or 4-20 mA.) and also RS485 communication, all of which allows the necessary adjustments to be made for the addition of water or in some applications the drying of the material depending on the control system required in each type of installation.

Masiste, master distributor for Spain and Portugal of Hydronix, world leader in digital microwave moisture measurement applied to a wide range of industries, both mineral and organic.

Hydronix application videos

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