Load cells for any industrial activity

Load cells for any industrial activity

Masiste distributes load cells for any industrial activity. Load cells allow, through the application of force on them, the transmission of a measurable electrical signal.

Load cells are distinguished according to the output signal or the way in which the applied weight is detected, resulting in bending, shear, compression or tension. Masiste offers you load cells with which you can make precise and fast measurements, speeding up the control of your production line or manufacturing system.

The parameters to choose in each cell are its application (hoppers, bagging machines or scales), its capacity, type (single-cell, bending, shear, traction, etc.) and the environment in which it is used (ATEX, humidity, etc.).

The load cells are made up of strain gauges that undergo a variation of their resistance due to this deformation and to an internal Wheatstone bridge configuration, they convert this deformation into a proportional electrical signal in mV/V.

Mono cell

Single Cell

Single cell load cells are compact sensors that are normally used alone on the scale. Single cell load cells can be made of aluminium or stainless steel. Based on the principle that the mechanical deformation caused by the force or weight they support, Masiste offers different types of load cells according to their application in certain industrial weighing sector, they can be available with different types of protection from IP 65 to IP68 and suitable for ATEX environments depending on the version.

Bending and shearing

Bending / shearing

Bending load cells are weight control devices in electronic hybrid scales for silos, hoppers, bins and platforms in various industrial environments. The bending / shearing load cells allow a capacity of 5 kg up to 10,000 kg, hermetic sealing welded or with silicone, IP 68 (EN 60529) and IP 69K (ISO20653) protection and even ATEX version for zones 0-1-2 (gas) and 20-21-22 (dust).

tension and compression cell loads

Tension / compression

Compression load cells are frequently used in industrial weighing scales and pallet trucks. Tension load cells are installed in overhead weighing, crane scales and cranes. With capacities from 50 kg to 7500 kg, they are made of stainless steel, IP68 protection and can be manufactured for ATEX zones 0-1-2 (gas) and zones 20-21-22 (dust).

Compression or shear load cells

Compression or shear

The compression or shear load cells have a capacity of 2.5 to 600 tons. Their resilient stainless steel housing and hermetic sealing feature IP 68 protection, easy mounting and ATEX versions for zones 0-1-2 (gas) and zones 20-21-22 (dust). The compression or shear load cells are applied in tank and silo weighing systems with high linearity and low profile requirements and truck weighbridges.

Digital load cells

Digital load cells

Digital load cells allow connection-free enclosures, simplified networking, lightning protection and even submersion with IP68/IP69K protection. Masiste's digital load cells allow predictive diagnostics and easy maintenance that saves the customer time, making weighing accurate and effective.