Industrial instrumentation

Industrial instrumentation, crucial for the control of the parameters of industrial production processes

Industrial instrumentation is used for the rapid and precise control of the physical parameters on which the different industrial production processes depend. Industrial instrumentation controls and maintains constants of magnitudes such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, pH, conductivity, speed or humidity, among others. MASISTE carries out the maintenance and regulation of constants under optimum conditions, performing measurements, conversions, transmissions, control and recording of variables.

The main elements of industrial instrumentation on which MASISTE acts are sensors, devices that automatically measure a variable, transmitters and transducers, elements responsible for transforming energy into a measurable physical magnitude for the control and maintenance of industrial processes. MASISTE, as specialists in industrial instrumentation, we are capable of measuring and controlling all the industrial production processes of your industry or company. Trust us to develop all your industrial measurement and control instruments.

Masiste performs its industrial instrumentation work with level and pressure measurement equipment for the process industry.

We collaborate with the world's leading technology manufacturers, such as Siemens and Hydronix.