Hydronix Microwave Moisture measurement

Masiste, official distributor in Spain of Hydronix microwave moisture probes

MASISTE markets and distributes a wide range of Hydronix digital microwave moisture probes and sensors, world leaders in the field of moisture measurement using probes. Hydronix microwave moisture probes work with contact measurement technology on concrete, aggregates, asphalt, organic materials and animal feedstuffs.

MASISTE, as official distributor of Hydronix humidity probes, guarantees efficient digital
moisture measurement probes and sensors for all industries.

Hydronix digital moisture measurement probes and sensors allow the measurement of materials with millimetre accuracy by detecting water in mixtures and moisture variation in the measured compounds.

hydro probe


The Hydro-Probe was the first moisture sensor to use digital microwave moisture
measurement technology. It is a moisture sensor offering a comprehensive signal processing of 25 measurements per second and a linear output for microwave measurement of sands, cement, concrete, asphalt and aggregates in silos, chutes or conveyor belts. Avoids loss of material in the measurement. More information about Hydro Probe here.

Hydro Probe XT

Designed by Hydronix for the measurement of agricultural organic materials such as grain, animal feed and nuts. It offers a linear analogue or digital output and can be linked to other control systems. It is used on conveyor belts, silos and chutes, taking 25 measurements per second. Also used as a stand-alone unit in conjunction with the Hydro-View display or other stand-alone automated systems. More information about Hydro Probe XT here.

Hydro Probe SE

Hydro-Probe SE

Sensor for Hydronix liquids, such as concentrates, solutions or any process requiring measurement of moisture or dissolved solids level. Designed for control in the manufacture of powdered products: dehydrated soups, beverages, paints or powdered pharmaceuticals on production lines. It allows configurable digital inputs and outputs, signal smoothing, batch averaging or alarms. More information about Hydro-Probe SE here.

Hydro Mix

Moisture measurement sensor for mixers and conveyors in process control environments. It features integral signal processing that performs 25 measurements per second and can be easily connected to any control system. Hydro-Mix is specifically designed to be embedded in a mixer, screw conveyor or chute. More information about the Hydro Mix moisture sensor here.

Hydro Mix HT

Moisture sensor for process control environments after drying processes or in mixing systems such as grain, animal feed, nuts and pulses manufactured with the Hydronix guarantee. With 25 measurements/second and integral signal processing, it allows integration with any other control system, smoothing, averaging and signal processing. It is specially designed for trough systems, concrete mixer or auger augers. More information about Hydro – Mix HT here.

Hydro Mix XT

Sensor for animal feed, grain and liquids from Hydronix. Easily installed in trough systems, conveyor and mixing systems in process control environments. Its ceramic faceplate performs signal processing, smoothing and averaging and its sensor is installed on the inner wall of the trough system, a conveyor belt, a mixer or a pressurised vessel. Integrated with any control system. More information about Hydro – Mix XT here.

Hydro Probe Orbiter

Digital microwave sensor that measures moisture and temperature of abrasive materials. The Hydro-Probe Orbiter measures concrete, sand, aggregates, grain, animal feed and fish meal. This digital microwave sensor has an electronic head, interchangeable connections and an ultra-strong ceramic sensing arm protected by an arm protector and protective rings. More information about the Hydro Probe Orbiter here.

Hydro-Mix XT-EX

Hydro Mix – ATEX

Hydronix has developed this digital microwave embedded moisture sensor for installation in explosive dust environments. Hydro-Mix ATEX is designed to measure moisture in bulk solids such as animal feed, grain, rice, pulses and also in liquids (especially suitable for ATEX explosive atmosphere environments). The sensor can be easily installed in trough systems, conveyor belts and mixers. It accurately measures the moisture content of the material as it passes over the ceramic faceplate thanks to a single intelligent unit that contains all the integrated functions thanks to the Hydro-Com software. More info here.