Dosing, bagging and filtering accessories

Dosing, bagging and filtering accessories

Masiste, as a specialist in dosing, bagging and industrial filtering, has in its catalogue a wide range of dosing, bagging and filtering accessories: pneumatic cabinets, cylinders and solenoid valves, butterfly valves, guillotine or sleeve valves, electric and pneumatic vibrators, injectors and fluidisers as well as sets of cartridges and filter bags, all for the production lines of any industry. Buy dosing, bagging and filling accessories will be a great solution to improve the production performance of your business or company with the guarantee of a reference in dosing solids and liquids, bagging and filling of silos and hoppers, as well as filtering and safety systems for hoppers and silos.

Pneumatic cabinets, cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.

MASISTE designs, manufactures and installs pneumatic electrical cabinets for electrical panels to control the power distribution and control of your automated electrical installation. MASISTE's manufacture of pneumatic electrical cabinets is fully adapted to the customer's needs and specifications, integrating the electronic systems and equipment of their automatic systems. In addition, we provide our customers with all the accessories for pneumatic cabinets: cylinders, solenoid valves...

Butterfly valves, knife gate valves, sleeve valves, etc.

At Masiste we offer a wide range of proven valves to handle dust and granular materials in all industries including food and beverage. Our valves for powder and granular materials in the world of valves are: butterfly valves, butterfly valves for silo bottom, guillotine valves with square, rectangular or circular mouths, valves with inclined slats, register valves for suppression or depression in silos, hemispherical valves, rotary valves, sleeve valves, diverter valves, double discharge valves,... adapted to manual, pneumatic or electric systems.

Electric and pneumatic vibrators

Masiste has different electric and pneumatic vibrators for multiple applications favouring the flow of fine and coarse materials in silos and hoppers by means of rotating rollers, avoiding the sticking of materials in pipes and silos. Masiste electric and pneumatic vibrators also allow the compaction of bulk materials in filling devices by mechanical processes in different industrial environments (including ATEX).

Sleeve valves

The sleeve valves are presented as a response to the closing of valves and the regulation of corrosive, fibrous and abrasive products. In addition, sleeve valves allow the control of silo and hopper filling and safety systems in various industrial sectors: shut-off, dosing and regulation of bulk solids/materials of all kinds; shut-off of powders and granulates in the pharmaceutical industry, valves for cement, sand, gravel, gypsum or mortar; shut-off and regulation of mining materials; valves for the control of additives, colouring agents or pastes in the food industry...

mangas para filtros

Cartridge and filter bag sets

Masiste, as a specialist in dosing, bagging and filtering accessories for industry, distributes sets of cartridges and filter bags to retain the particles in suspension in a given air mass. Cartridge and filter bag sets are determined by the fabric selected, the frequency and method of cleaning used and the characteristics of the particles in suspension. Thus, buying Masiste's cartridge and filter bag sets will allow you to control the particles in suspension in your industry in an effective way.