Bagging and filling

Bagging and filling

Masiste is a specialist in bagging and filling solutions for production lines in all industrial sectors. Masiste's bagging and filling systems, which are equipped with the máxima European manufacturing guarantee, allow the bagging and filling of a wide range of products: cements, sands, liquids, gravels... maintaining stable production environments by closely monitoring humidity, flowability, ventilation, dust composition and compaction behaviour. Don't hesitate, buying bagging and filling systems from Masiste will be the ideal solution for your industry or business.

FIBC Fillers

RBB Fillers that Masiste distributes are consisting of a structure and a complete loading unit equipped with an inflatable seal to prevent dust from escaping during use. Adapted for efficient loading of big-bags, which are attached to the 4 turnbuckles at the top corners of the frame. Subsequently, the bag's loading mouth is placed over the station's loading mouth and filling begins when the bag's loading mouth is inflated. Lifted by forklift, they are transferred to their destination. Made of carbon steel and 304L / 316L stainless steel, they are equipped with 4 tensioners for the correct positioning of the FIBC. Modular in design, the big-bag loaders are easy to install and fill in the absence of dust (even in compacted dust).

FIBC dischargers

SBB dischargers are flexible intermediate bulk bag discharging systems or FIBCs (Big Bags). Easy to attach to the support frame and to unload thanks to the four hooks on the frame. Thanks to a lifting carriage, the big-bag unloaders can open the bags through the hopper hatch by resting the bag on the edge of the hopper. SBB dischargers are made according to a modular design in carbon steel and 304L/316L stainless steel, with height adjustment for loading of FIBC with elevator, with monorail for installation of a lift and hopper complete with access port for opening the FIBC, electric vibrator as an aid to material discharge, vibrating cone with a diameter of 1,250 mm or 1,500 mm), outlet with diameters of 219, 273 and 600 mm, vibration damping, dust-tight seal and complete bag discharge also with compressed powder.

Belt net weigh bagging machine

The Masiste net weight bagging machine with belt has a belt feeding system. This model is the most versatile for most products due to its good behaviour and treatment of the material to be bagged. The Masiste net weight bagging machine with belt stands out for its airtightness and ease of cleaning. Equipped with inlets for dust suction and air decompression, its production capacity is up to 12 bags per minute, speeding up production in productive sectors such as agriculture, industry, etc...

Net weight bagging machine with auger

The auger feed bagging machine distributed by Masiste is an auger feed bagging machine specially designed for pulverulent, ground or unstable products. Feeding augers built with progressive pitch to avoid product caking. The auger bagging machineallows an industrial production of up to 10 bags per minute. Buying the net weigh auger bagging machine is the ideal solution for the distribution of your production, materials and raw materials in your business.

Automatic bagging machines

Masiste's automatic bagging machines are used for polyethylene, paper, plasticized paper and polypropylene raffia bags, being suitable for products such as sand, gravel, special fertilisers, substrates, mineral fertilisers, organic fertilisers... Automatic bagging machines allow automatic forming, filling and sealing of bags. Masiste distributes automatic pneumatic bagging machines with fluidisation, horizontal and vertical turbine bagging machines, vertical stainless steel bagging machines and tubular bagging machines up to 2000 bags per hour.

Valve bag filling machine

Masiste markets and distributes valve bag filling machines with a operating capacity from 5 to 50 kg. Valve bag fillers have a power supply by turbine, auger or fluidisation. This is a valve bag filler model valid for all products that use this closing system, with a production volume of up to 8 bags per minute and automatic or semi-automatic operation. Buying Masiste valve bag fillers will be the ideal solution to improve the performance of your production lines, with which you will be able to fill bags easily.

Picos de ensacado

Masiste pone a disposición de sus clientes picos de ensacado para saco de boca abierta con peso en saco, ideal para producciones medias (4-6 sacos minuto). Los picos de ensacado de Masiste cuentan con un sistema de alimentación por cinta, sinfín o gravedad, dependiendo del producto a ensacar.