About us

About us

Masiste is a company dedicated to the application of automation, weighing and labelling technologies, developing quality solutions in industrial processes that improve productivity and efficiency for our customers. Masiste was founded as a company by a group of professionals with 30 years of professional experience in the field of industrial automation. We began our work as a company specialising in the supply of technological equipment for the cement derivatives industry.

In just a few years Masiste has consolidated its position as a benchmark in this sector, enjoying the trust of the main machinery manufacturing companies, large construction companies and the main national and international cement groups. This situation has led us to work together with our customers in more than 25 countries on 4 continents. We currently have an important engineering and R&D&I department for the development of customised solutions in manufacturing processes, transport, mixing, classification, packaging, palletising, etc. for different industrial sectors such as construction, food, chemicals, agriculture, etc.

We have an important technological development in equipment for industry in industrial weighing systems and food safety, such as scales, industrial scales, laboratory scales, labelling, weight classification and product inspection such as metal detectors and X-rays.

Commitments and values

Professional ethics is present in the DNA of our company. Since our beginnings, our commitment to forge values and principles that have been transmitted to all staff to achieve their full integration into the corporate culture of the company has been very present. Working under these guidelines has allowed us to be a professional reference and to obtain recognition for our good work, consolidating a growth year after year, which allows the people who make up the Masiste team to face the future with optimism and enthusiasm, setting goals and objectives for future growth.

Our team has a positive attitude towards continuous improvement, innovation and motivation, so that our work is a source of personal satisfaction for the whole team of professionals that make up this company.


Our team behaves under high standards of professionalism and integrity, with the clear objective of achieving all the commitments acquired with our clients.


Transparency and trust are fundamental to the success of long-term customer relationships. While maintaining the formal aspect of the customer-supplier relationship, we forge a close relationship with our customers, as evidenced by the fact that one of our main assets is our customers.


Our team of professionals works with the idea of contributing and contributing innovative ideas to all the challenges posed by our clients in order to achieve excellence and maximum client satisfaction.


We apply creativity as a tool for solving and responding to the technological challenges demanded by our clients, as well as bringing passion, dedication and determination to the achievement of our objectives.


Quality is present in our idiosyncrasy. We are aware that quality guarantees our future as a company. We strive every day to provide solutions that improve the productivity or efficiency of those who place their trust in us. To R+D+i we dedicate significant resources on a permanent basis. Masiste has a clear objective of growth and expansion and puts all its efforts so that all its economic results have been reinvested in the company in order to increase its resources and future development projects.


Strong International presence in the Industrial Sector

Our company's main guarantee is the trust of our clients, among them the main multinationals that operate in the sectors we work in, proof of which is that we operate with them in more than 20 countries around the world.

We have the experience of more than 300 installations carried out in Spain and in other countries such as those shown below.

Quality policy

The objective of the quality management system implemented is to ensure that the organisation understands the expressed or implicit needs of its customers, carrying out automation and electrical maintenance work on industrial machinery. Industrial weighing.  This work will be carried out with a level of quality that satisfies the requirements of the clients and provides them with satisfaction. To achieve this purpose we concentrate our efforts and dedication on:

  • To provide our clients with the service that is the object of our activity by meeting their needs and, if possible, exceeding their expectations.
  • To provide our staff with the motivation, training, information, equipment and infrastructure to enable them to perform their tasks at an optimal level of efficiency.
  • Securing a supplier base with whom to work closely.
  • Continuously improve our processes and services through the application of guiding principles based on the concepts of quality and participative management, also determining the means to prevent non-conformities and eliminate their causes.
  • This quality policy and the commitment of our management are based on measurable but concrete objectives, whose monitoring is carried out in the reviews that the management carries out on the system and its compliance is controlled by means of data analysis, taking into account all the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the performance of the activity.

Metrological control register Spanish Metrology Centre

ISO 9001:2015 certified